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Commercial activities
Do not allow laws in most countries foreign ownership and practicing commercial activities independently or jointly with the citizens of these countries and limited to people of the country and you'll recognize these laws before engaging in any commercial activity or other so as not to expose yourself to many legal problems and you can consult the embassy or Egyptian consulate or commercial representation office or labor

Egyptian consulates abroad
Brother citizen missions and consulates abroad always welcomes Bmaaontek and overcome difficulties that you may encounter is your home in exile sure to register your name and address to have after you settle into life so keep your link list of your family and your country, and so you can embassy or consulate of providing care and protection for you when you need note that registration is free during the six the first months of access
Is a system in place in the Gulf which the employer is responsible for the foreign worker before state agencies and requires approval first before taking any step on travel or get a license or renewal of residence or bring the family and does not allow a foreigner to work for another sponsor without the consent of his original sponsor

Preferably get a contract in one of these countries through the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration or companies Recruitment Egyptian licensed by the Ministry of Manpower on the contract is ratified by the Directorate of Manpower and Immigration competent to ensure that the seriousness and legitimacy are advised not to accept any amendments to the terms of the contract after access to state
1.Ensure the safety of the visa issued by the State of employment and installed a citizen passport student work permit, as well as the case for contract work abroad to protect citizens from falling into the clutches of monument professionals in this field.
2. Make sure that the applicant is not of current or former employees armed forces who meet the special instructions upon request extraction or renewal of work permits.
3. Ensure the approval of the military security for those interested in working for foreign armies civil Balsafh or military or subsidiary bodies.
4. Sure not contracted willing to get a work permit from one of the parties banned foreign ministerial security decisions and directives of the State Security.
5. Make sure that the desire to obtain a work permit from the banned groups ministerial decisions or directives of State Security (stitching - cook - maid - ...).
6. Poll competent security authorities for those who want to obtain a work permit according to the stage of age provided for in this regard and asked the requesting party.
7. Ensure that state employees and the public enterprise sector to secure their approval of the work abroad
1.A valid passport for at least two months from the date of advance of travel.
2. The approval of the competent authority at the Ministry of Defence on the travel of citizens
Who are in the age of recruitment born 18.3.1941 onwards except those who have not attained the age of eighteen.
3. The employer agreed to travel abroad for workers approaching the following:
- Presidency of the Republic.
- Ministry of Interior for the members of the police.
- Ministry of Defence.
- The Ministry of Military Production.
- The Ministry of Information.
- Ministry of Justice for the judiciary and public prosecutors and other members of the judiciary.
- The authorization to work abroad and foreign Authority issued for the overall management of the work permits sing for these approvals.



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